Pimientos de padron : Some are hot some are not

Pimientos de Padrón

An old Spanish tradition has found new soil at MIDYIM ECO PRODUCE, Conondale.

PIMIENTOS DE PADRÓN are small green peppers (5-7 centimetres long) unique to Padrón, a region of South West Galicia in North West Spain, around 22 kilometres from Santiago de Compostela. Galicia is famous for its green landscape, spectacular coastline, high rainfall and delicious organic products from both the sea and land.

The peppers were originally cultivated in the 16th century in the small Padronian village of Herbon by monks in the monastery of Convento Franciscano who brought these peppers back from the Spanish Colonies in South America, probably from what is now Mexico. Since that time, these peppers have been grown by the villagers, and after 400 years the Padronesses know these peppers like they know the members of their own families. When you buy Padrón Peppers, you are getting a product from long tradition and loving care. And now the tradition of Pimientos de Padrón continues on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, organically grown by Richard Mohan at MIDYIM ECO PRODUCE. (The season extends from December through to May.)

Pimientos de Padrón might be small but they have a load of flavour, with an incomparable sweet taste and delicate flesh. Further, the nutritional value of these seemingly unassuming peppers is extraordinary. They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, P, proteins, calcium, iron and virtually no calories. Pimientos de Padrón also have many other special properties; approximately one in ten is hot and that is why they are sometimes known as the culinary “Russian Roulette” Pepper.

The Hot Pepper also has many medicinal properties. It aids the digestive system, quickens scar tissue healing and helps to maintain good blood circulation as well as reducing high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. But, maybe the most interesting property associated with the Hot Peppers is the fact that they are well known as an aphrodisiac!!!